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The Corrie Lawrence Memorial Fund was established in 1992 to honour the memory of Corrie Lawrence, an active MAVA member who died suddenly. Bursaries are available to assist MAVA members with fees associated with educational activities, professional development and conferences.


  • MAVA member in good standing is eligible to apply to the fund. The length of membership will not be criteria for funding however workplace annual revenues will be considered;
  • MAVA committees may apply to the fund if required to provide professional development to the membership and is not covered by the committee’s annual budget;
  • Application for funding will include a written brief statement identifying the purpose for the funding, and outlining the value to the members (and / or their organization);
  • Applications must be received by the deadline. Deadlines for requests for funding to attend a conference will be no less than one month prior to the registration date. All other requests must be made no less than three months in advance;
  • Applications will be completed in duplicate and submitted electronically to​. The President will have the responsibility to contact the Executive Committee members and bring them together to review applications and make decisions. The decision making, applicants notified and funds dispersed should be done in a timely manner;
  • Applicants will be notified by email;
  • The amount of funding dispersed annually will depend on the amount of applications received, and on the amount of monies available;
  • Information on bursaries will be provided at each general meeting. A summary report to the membership on the fund will be made at the Annual General Meeting. Specific award details will not be released (such as names or workplaces) rather the number of applications received and granted, with the total amount of funds dispersed.
  • For an application form, please e-mail


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